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Gemalto Alarm Condition Create

Alarm condition create.

Gemalto Alarm Condition Delete

Alarm condition delete.

Gemalto Alarm Condition Field List

Alarm condition field list.

Gemalto Alarm Condition Get

Alarm condition get.

Gemalto Alarm Condition List

Alarm condition list.

Gemalto Alarm Condition Update

Alarm condition update.

Gemalto Auth Sign

Auth sign.

Gemalto Campaign Cancel

Campaign cancel.

Gemalto Campaign Create

Campaign create.

Gemalto Campaign Delete

Campaign delete.

Gemalto Campaign Get

Campaign get.

Gemalto Campaign List

Campaign list.

Gemalto Campaign Schedule

Campaign schedule.

Gemalto Campaign Target Create

Campaign target create.

Gemalto Campaign Target Delete

Campaign target delete.

Gemalto Campaign Target List

Campaign target list.

Gemalto Campaign Update

Campaign update.

Gemalto Counter Download

Counter download.

Gemalto Counter Job List

Counter job list.

Gemalto Counter Report

Counter report.

Gemalto Counter Running Total

Counter running total.

Gemalto Counter Running Totals

Counter running totals.

Gemalto Counter Status

Counter status.

Gemalto Counter Stop

Counter stop.

Gemalto Counter Total

Counter total.

Gemalto Counter Totals

Counter totals.

Gemalto Device Batch Status

Device batch status.

Gemalto Device Command Get

Device command get.

Gemalto Device Command List

Device command list.

Gemalto Device Command Send

Device command send.

Gemalto Device Count

Device count.

Gemalto Device Create

Device create.

Gemalto Device Delete

Device delete.

Gemalto Device Feature Get

Device feature get.

Gemalto Device Feature List

Device feature list.

Gemalto Device Get

Device get.

Gemalto Device Group Create

Device group create.

Gemalto Device Group Delete

Device group delete.

Gemalto Device Group Get

Device group get.

Gemalto Device Group List

Device group list.

Gemalto Device Group Update

Device group update.

Gemalto Device List

Device list.

Gemalto Device List By Property

Device list by property.

Gemalto Device List By Property Not Set

Device list by property not set.

Gemalto Device List By Property Set

Device list by property set.

Gemalto Device Membership Count

Device membership count.

Gemalto Device Membership Create

Device membership create.

Gemalto Device Membership Delete

Device membership delete.

Gemalto Device Membership List

Device membership list.

Gemalto Device Property Delete

Device property delete.

Gemalto Device Property Get

Device property get.

Gemalto Device Property Set

Device property set.

Gemalto Device State Get

Device state get.

Gemalto Device State List

Device state list.

Gemalto Device Type Get

Device type get.

Gemalto Device Type List

Device type list.

Gemalto Device Update

Device update.

Gemalto Event Report List

Event report list.

Gemalto Event Report Set Ack

Event report set ack.

Gemalto Geofence Condition Create

Geofence condition create.

Gemalto Geofence Condition Delete

Geofence condition delete.

Gemalto Geofence Condition Get

Geofence condition get.

Gemalto Geofence Condition List

Geofence condition list.

Gemalto Geofence Condition Update

Geofence condition update.

Gemalto Geofence Create

Geofence create.

Gemalto Geofence Delete

Geofence delete.

Gemalto Geofence Get

Geofence get.

Gemalto Geofence Group Create

Geofence group create.

Gemalto Geofence Group Delete

Geofence group delete.

Gemalto Geofence Group Get

Geofence group get.

Gemalto Geofence Group List

Geofence group list.

Gemalto Geofence Group Update

Geofence group update.

Gemalto Geofence List

Geofence list.

Gemalto Geofence Membership Create

Geofence membership create.

Gemalto Geofence Membership Delete

Geofence membership delete.

Gemalto Geofence Membership List

Geofence membership list.

Gemalto Geofence Update

Geofence update.

Gemalto Location Report List

Location report list.

Gemalto Network Get

Network get.

Gemalto Network List

Network list.

Gemalto Network Provisioning Activate

Network provisioning activate.

Gemalto Network Provisioning Deactivate

Network provisioning deactivate.

Gemalto Network Provisioning Get Activation Codes

Network provisioning get activation codes.

Gemalto Network Provisioning Get Device Info

Network provisioning get device info.

Gemalto Notification Subscription Create

Notification subscription create.

Gemalto Notification Subscription Delete

Notification subscription delete.

Gemalto Notification Subscription List

Notification subscription list.

Gemalto Notification Subscription Update

Notification subscription update.

Gemalto Outbound Command List

Outbound command list.

Gemalto Report Batch Download

Report batch download.

Gemalto Report Batch List

Report batch list.

Gemalto Report Batch Purge

Report batch purge.

Gemalto Report Batch Status

Report batch status.

Gemalto Report Batch Stop

Report batch stop.

Gemalto Report Stat List

Report stat list.

Gemalto Status Report List

Status report list.

Gemalto Sub Organization Create

Sub organization create.

Gemalto Sub Organization Retire

Sub organization retire.

Gemalto Sub Organization Show Hierarchy

Sub organization show hierarchy.

Gemalto Sub Organization Update

Sub organization update.

Gemalto Tools Time

Tools time.

Gemalto User List

User list.

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